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Prepare a family business to run after you are no longer able to run it.


Decide how to pass your estate to surviving family and friends.

Protect your assets from taxes and control how they are distributed.



Decide what happens if you are incapacitated.

At the David Houtsma Law Firm our team will guide you as you make important decisions to protect your family and loved ones.  Our estate plans address important issues such as specifying last wishes and appointing someone to carry them out, transferring your assets to beneficiaries after your death, transferring important assets into a trust while you're alive so they pass to beneficiaries once you're gone, and naming guardians for minor children.
With proper estate planning we can reduce taxes, help your loved ones avoid probate and inform them of your wishes regarding decisions about life support and organ donation in advance.  We will help you to name someone to handle your financial and legal affairs as well as manage your healthcare should you no longer be personally able.
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